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Managing and updating your website is now quick and easy on any device.

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Easily design, create and update your own website without the stress and hassle. We provide easy to follow video workshops and tutorials.

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Automatic search engine optimization (SEO), fast, secure hosting, mobile friendliness, data backup and more.

MyBarn’s Features

Horse Profiles make it Simple

When you add a horse to MyBarn, it automatically generates a Horse Profile page and displays it on your website. The Horse Profile feature makes adding and displaying a horse's information easy, fast and effective.

  • Add the horses information
  • Add photos (can even be done from your phone)
  • Add YouTube video URLS - simply copy/past the url and your video will be shown on that Horse's profile.
  • Thats it! - Click save and your ready to add another or carry on with your work.
All MyBarn templates are responsive and mobile friendly

MyBarn comes with a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) Page Editor

Easily edit and add new pages to your website. With the page editor you'll be able to create pages, add text, content, photos, and even embed videos. There's also a special Contact page that when added,  creates a sepparate page, complete with a form, that emails you messages you have received from the contact form. Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 3.42.05 PM  

Responsive Website Themes - Built for Mobile

This ensures your website is displayed beautifully and correctly on all mobile devices - smartphones and tablets. At 40% of traffic and growing, being set up properly for mobile devices is a must today. MyBarn Responsive themes are easily customizable and totally free with your account!
All MyBarn templates are responsive and mobile friendly  

Use MyBarn On Any Mobile Device

MyBarn was built for mobile. You can easily add a horse, update your website or make changes right from a laptop, smartphone or tablet anywhere you have a internet or data connection!
MyBarn was Built for Easy Use on Mobile Devices

MyBarn’s Templates

The MyBarn Experience

"MyBarn gives me the power to update Lindsay Galloway, Almost Famous Farms website was designed and is powered by MyBarnmy website, without the headache, when ever I need to, without the headache. I am always getting horses in, shipping them out, taking new photos/videos and on the road, MyBarn allows me to update my website whenever and where ever I am. Not to mention, it's EASY!!” Lindsay Galloway -Almost Famous Farm
"Great - A simple way to put horses for sale up on a great looking website!" Renske - RMC Horses
  • Small Farm

  • $27 month
  • For the small horse stable Try Demo
    • 6 horses
    • Horse Profile Manager
    • 2 Photo's Per Horse
    • Full WYSIWYG Page Editor
    • Social Media Integration
    • 4 Responsive Templates
    • MyBarn Team Support
  • Get Started Contact Me
  • Equine Small Business

  • $47 Month
  • For the small horse business stable Try Demo
    • 20 horses
    • Horse Profile Manager
    • 3 Photo's Per Horse
    • Full WYSIWYG Page Editor
    • Social Media Integration
    • 4 Responsive Templates
    • MyBarn Team Support
  • Get Started Contact Me
  • Equine Enterprise

  • $167 month
  • For the large horse stable Try Demo
    • Unlimited horses
    • Horse Profile Manager
    • 15 Photos Per Horse
    • Full WYSIWYG Page Editor
    • Social Media Integration
    • Unlimited Templates
    • MyBarn Team Support
  • Get Started Contact Me

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We’ve done and continue to do our best to make using MyBarn easy and effective. You might find it similar to using a Word program.
Of course. We wouldn’t want you to lose all that hard work, we call this Site Migration and it’s free with the Equine Business and Equine Enterprise packages.
Yup! You can easily add your accounts and share pages, posts, or horses to them.
With MyBarn, you can upload and add photos directly to horses and pages. You can also edit captions, crop thumbnails and more. Great photos are key to creating a beautiful site!
Adding YouTube videos to your specific horse pages is incredibly easy. We know how important they are for marketing your horses. You can either copy and paste the link directly from YouTube or you can easily search for the video and add it, with only a few clicks.
Of course. You can create any emails you need and any current emails will still work as they do. (no mail will be lost.) When your ready to setup a custom email with MyBarn, just send an email to with the email address you would like, and we will create it as quickly as possible.
Absolutely! MyBarn sites are optimized for search engines immediately. MyBarn does all of the hard work for you, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is automatically done. Your website is also optimized for social media like Facebook. Whenever you share a link on your website to Facebook, MyBarn tells Facebook what information and photo's are best for social media. Websites also inlude clean urls/links, proper tagging (meta tags), XML sitemaps, and valid HTML & CSS code.

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